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There’s a convention at your location, and you’re serving hundreds of people, even more. You have a large staff of employees that you prepare food for every day.

You can’t ignore the buffets, either. It’s a big part of your food service operation and something your guests look forward to. It’s often been said that the casino buffet, or on-site resort dining, is a significant factor for a guest choosing where to stay. And they spread the word, too. A food reputation is not something to gamble with.

Your commercial kitchen is highly complex and demanding. In some, there is the added complexity of a cook/chill system for your own needs and also for use by other properties. (MTG products are a favorite for kitchens with cook/chill equipment).

Cooking is hard enough. For those of us who love to cook, we want to say cooking is everything, but in a commercial kitchen we know that’s just not true.  We calculate costs of everything, including making stocks and sauces; we need to be near obsessive about ensuring sound food safety and HACCP controls; waste management is not just a concern of environmentalists and our accountants.  We'd love to have more menu, less mise en place; skilled labor is difficult to find and hard to keep; our operations are high users of utilities and we need to keep costs in check there, too.  We love to cook, but we know there's more to the kitchen operation than just the cooking to be done. 

At More Than Gourmet, we're known for giving cooks in large kitchens like yours a stable helping hand.  We do this by supplying you with authentic, Culinary Grade® stocks and sauces. Created and crafted by cooks for cooks. It is no surprise that our stocks are a staple of many fine casinos, for the cooks who use them have discovered the rich benefits they provide in quality, consistency, labor savings, and authenticity.  At a cost they can afford. 

We’re not gaming you, either. We’ll put all of our cards on the table. Contact us, request a sample, or buy some sauce. You’ve got nothing to lose.