Where Are You Cooking?

Coast to coast, from LA to small rural towns outside Bar Harbor, in the “supper clubs” of the Midwest, at a convention of hundreds in Vegas, for a party of eight in a fine restaurant, or for members of a prestigious club – you cook for a living. You learned your craft "on the job," in cooking school, or both.

There are countless subjects to master. Years ago, cooks mostly focused on cooking. Today, chefs must understand menu costing, the cuisine du jour, and the ever resilient classics. There is food safety, nutrition, staffing, waste, and utilities to know about. It is the business of the business; it's a dynamic profession. There’s trial and error, the challenge in achieving ongoing levels and degrees of perfecting your skills. It’s a real blend of science and art, rarely precise and a lifelong journey.

Whom you cook for, what you cook, and where you do it may be different, but the fundamentals of good cooking go with us everywhere:  knife skills, boning fish, sautéing or braising, preparing exquisite sauces, getting all things in place for the cooking to be done.

You cook for a living. This site’s for you. Welcome to our kitchens, the Kitchens of More Than Gourmet.

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