Who's Stirring the Pot

In a very large commercial kitchen, there’s an entire brigade of people working intricately together to prepare and serve food. From the executive chef to the garde manger, sous chef to saucier, sommelier to waitstaff, they all work together toward a shared goal. At More Than Gourmet, we operate in much the same way. The folks who cook the bones, stir the kettles, pack the products, consult with and provide service to chefs, and the cooks who dream up our newest innovations, are all focused on a shared goal: the best service and the best stocks and sauces for our customers. Meet some of the good folks on our team.

Brad Sacks
CEO and Founder
Bill Finnegan

Brad’s a road biker; Bill’s a hiker. They both play golf (not so well) but Bill wields a mean hockey stick. Brad loves fine wines and has the cellar to prove it. They’ve both cooked their entire lives, and Bill began his career in a professional kitchen. Both learned to cook at the aprons of women. Brad from his beloved Auntie Anne, and Bill from his mother Chub and Chef Margaret Birch. Brad’s the more daring and adventuresome one (he’ll eat or prepare just about anything) while Bill is more content with classic dishes and comfort foods with a culinary twist. They are both well traveled, and it’s not uncommon to see them on an airplane whip out a “puck” of MTG stock and start singing its virtues to a new found (and sometimes bewildered) friend in the seat next to them. They just love MTG. They relish good food. They dine out frequently. They spend a lot of time in commercial kitchens. They celebrate cooks of all levels. They count professional cooks among their dearest friends. They have a real passion for MTG and especially the MTG team.

They are the SauceGuys. You can follow them on Twitter (SauceGuy and TheSauceDude), on Facebook, or their occasional appearances in Chefs Louie’s home videos, where you can also meet other members of the MTG team.