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Soups and Stews
For this elegant, smooth soup, toasted almonds and broccoli are puréed together with chicken stock, a medieval method used to thicken soups. It's simple, yet unexpectedly sophisticated with a warm hint of coriander and white pepper.
Chunks of wild boar are marinated in gin and vermouth with juniper berries and then braised in a rich broth to make a hearty stew. Sour cream and olives are stirred in at the end to make this soul-satisfying cold-weather dish.  Perfect with a bold red wine.
This old fashioned favorite uses a couple of modern-day tricks. Baby carrots are ready for the pot, and pearl onions are glazed with balsamic vinegar add a rich, deep tone to this satisfying stew.  Like most slowly cooked dishes, the flavor of this stew mellows over time.
With only a few ingredients in this soup, each must be the best you can find. Choose young, tender carrots, pure Fond de Poulet Gold, and high quality butter. Rice, cooked with the carrots, thickens the soup into a smooth potion with a vibrant orange hue.
In this hearty vegetarian main course, a rainbow of vegetables simmer in a rich Veggie-Glace Gold broth scented with plenty of Dijon mustard, then it's thickened with half-and-half and a touch of cornstarch. Serve this stew over brown rice, barley, or bulgur. If you like, add tofu cubes.