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This sauce is excellent as an addition to any pan-seared, oven-baked, or grilled fish.
Ladle this luxurious sauce over baked white fish, poached chicken, or steamed spring vegetables.
Add a new twist to grilled meat, chicken, fish, or vegetables with this earthy sauce redolent of mushrooms, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and red wine, enriched by our Veggie-Glace Gold.
This versatile sauce is perfect served with any poached or braised firm-fleshed fish.
A swirl of tomato in More Than Gourmet White Wine Sauce, finished with butter--simply delicious over chicken, veal, fish, pasta, or vegetables.
Transport your guests to the sunny south of France with this flavorful sauce redolent of garlic, herbs, tomatoes, and white wine. Ladle it over grilled or sautéed fish, chicken, or vegetables, or try it with rosy slices of roast lamb.
Try this complex, Asian-inspired sauce over steamed fish, chicken, or vegetables.
The earthy flavors of spinach and onion and the richness of cream make this just the right sauce for poultry or seafood.