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Our Pantry - Reduced Chicken Stock
Chicken and rice translate into a savory one-dish meal in many countries. This Portuguese version features chorizo and rich, saffron-scented rice that adds color and flavor to this not-so-basic yet homey dish.
Rabbit braised in red wine is a classic. Here we add the subtle flavor of rosé and balsamic vinegar to the gently simmering liquid. Fond de Poulet seamlessly melts into all of the liquids to impart a rich, perfectly balanced taste to complement the rabbit. A final flourish of crème fraîche creates a deliciously complex sauce with pearl onions, mushrooms, and dried currants.
As you slice this juicy boneless turkey breast, there's swirl of green herbs and Dijon mustard. Serve it topped with a deliciously simple, orange-scented pan gravy.
With only a few ingredients in this soup, each must be the best you can find. Choose young, tender carrots, pure Fond de Poulet Gold, and high quality butter. Rice, cooked with the carrots, thickens the soup into a smooth potion with a vibrant orange hue.
Fragrant basmati rice is combined with mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs for a savory side dish worthy of the spotlight on any plate.