Poultry Based Sauces

Poultry Based Sauces & Stocks

Our wildly popular poultry-based sauces have expanded beyond our roasted chicken demi-glace to include a roasted turkey stock, a roasted chicken stock, and a classic chicken stock. And for chefs, we offer a simply perfect staple of truly refined cooking - duck fat. Chefs we serve love it.

Classic Roasted Chicken Demi-GlaceJus de Poulet Lié Gold®
This roasted chicken demi-glace is quietly becoming a staple in the professional kitchen. No wonder, for chefs enjoy its versatility and like to create contemporary twists on old classics with it. Ideal as a foundation for finishing sauces on pork, chicken, and turkey dishes, it is also great for enhancing soups and binding a variety of fresh vegetable pasta sauces... Product Details
Classic Roasted Chicken StockGlace de Poulet Gold®
A 20-time reduction of French roasted chicken stock with deep, rich, roasted color and syrupy consistency. Glace de Poulet Gold® provides pure, intense flavor when used to enhance finished sauces or when deglazing directly in a roasting or sauté pan... Product Details
Classic Chicken StockFond de Poulet Gold®
A 40-time reduction of perfect chicken stock, Fond de Poulet Gold® is a pure white chicken stock for use in all basic preparations. Save space. Save time. Save packaging. Save money... Product Details
Classic Roasted Turkey StockClassic Roasted Turkey Stock
Glace de Volaille Gold® is reduced 20 times to create a wonderfully-rich roasted turkey classic glace, or can be used full strength as a classic glace de volaille... Product Details
Classic Roasted Duck and Chicken StockGlace de Canard Gold®
Our premium roasted duck stock is reduced to a glace in the hand-made traditions of the finest French classics. Glace de Canard Gold® adds deep flavor and rich, roasted color to your favorite dishes, providing an elegant finishing accent to boost the flavor of your grandest sauces... Product Details
Classic (Rendered) Duck FatGraisse de Canard Gold®
A terrific staple for the professional kitchen, Graisse de Canard Gold® is a classic rendered duck fat that is perfect for confits and general sautés... Product Details