Pure Beef (Veal) Concentrate

Pure Beef (Veal) Concentrate

Pure Beef (Veal) Concentrate

An  unadulterated and minimally processed natural concentrate, with only two ingredients: veal bones and water. Cooks call it "liquid gold."  It is indispensable in a commercial kitchen for its versatility.  It's an ingredient that elevates the flavors of a sauce, braise, or soup without imparting it's own. In a large commercial kitchen,  it's exceedingly difficult to produce from scratch with consistency, and the process requires a lot of time. We do it for you, cooking and reducing fresh bob veal bones into a pure concentrate.  Veal bones and water. Nothing else is used in our cooking process.   Packed in a sterile (aseptic) bag in box.  

Reconstitution Suggestions: Our Pure Beef (Veal) Concentrate is a 10-time reduction of pure veal stock.

Available Size(s):
44 lb bag in box

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Concentrated Beef Stock. (May be listed as Concentrated Veal Stock).
Nutritional Information
Protein (n x 6.25) 35% (Min.) to 39% Moisture Max. 64%
Fat <1% Sodium (naturally occurring) <0.5% (440mg/100g)
Carbohydrates <0.1% Ash 3%

Sensory Attributes
Appearance Medium to dark brown, viscous gel at room temperature; free-flowing liquid at temperatures above ambient.
Aroma Mild beef broth.
Flavor Rich broth with mild sweetness.