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Our Pantry - French Demi-Glace
This wine-enriched sauce is traditionally served over beef steaks or beef tenderloin, but it will also add a luscious finish to veal, pork, or lamb.
Barbecue sauce and Demi-Glace Gold make the sauce finger-lickin' good, perfect with a side of corn bread.
Frankly, it almost doesn't matter what you put underneath this ambrosial sauce… Even if it won't make a silk purse of a sow's ear, the full-flavored combination of dried cherries, port, and Jus de Poulet Lié Gold certainly transforms mundane pork cutlets into celebrity fare. Serve this sauce with turkey, chicken, veal, or duck, as well.
The painted desert of America's southwest will beckon with these meaty, fork-tender shanks of lamb braised in a chipotle chili, tomato, and beer sauce. Serve over smashed potatoes.

Authentic meat sauce is one of Italy's great treasures. The long, slow cooking of aromatic vegetables with beef, veal, and pork make this ragù memorable. Finished with a little light cream and a touch of butter, the sauce is smooth and silky. If you're feeling creative, add mushrooms, sausage meat, capers, or olives. Ladle the sauce over al dente pasta and sprinkle on freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano.
Studded with wild mushrooms and enriched with cream and our Demi-Glace Gold, this sauce complements grilled or roasted beef, veal, chicken, or other meats or poultry.