Under The Toque

We welcome you into the Kitchens of More Than Gourmet. Yes, we do have kettles and cooks here, though our kitchen is unlike any you may have ever seen before. It’s a world class kitchen facility using cutting edge technology. Stay awhile and take a look around. In our kitchens, you won’t find any food additives or artificial ingredients in our pantry, but you will find a team of hardworking folks committed to providing you with the finest French stocks and sauces produced anywhere - stocks that are the foundation for contemporary and classic cuisine. If you have questions there’s a place to ask them. If you want to share your ideas and experiences with our sauces, recipes, new products, or culinary trends, we have a place for that, too. We’d love to hear from you.

Who’s Stirring the Pot?
There are a lot of people working here for you, from our kettle cooks to our culinary service and support team, our QA staff to our warehouse folks. Oh, and there’s those Sauce Guys, too. Each cooking up something for you, be it great product, great service, or great ideas. Meet some of them and see what they’re up to... More.
See What’s Cooking (Videos)
Take a plant tour. Meet the Sauce Guys. See our culinary service team in action. Caution: videos Rated R for real... More.
Our Recipe for Success
Like our products, we use a very few real ingredients in our recipe for success. It begins with relentless passion for great food... More.