Ready to use sauces

Ready To Use Sauces

These products were initially intended for the home consumer, but something interesting has happened. We began to recieve calls from professional cooks who asked to get them for their commercial kitchens, in the same pack size.  We didn't mean to overlook the professional cook, really, and you once again taught us an important lesson.  What we learned is that these delicious products are perfect for a smaller kitchen or even a larger operation that on any given day does not expect to do many meat or poultry covers.  A hotel, for example. A Tuesday night in a restaurant.  These nifty sauces enable the cook to prepare, ala minute, a terrific finishing touch to an entree. Best yet, the cook can adapt these sauces to his or her own menu, simply, in no time flat.  These sauces feature our Culinary Grade® seal, your assurance that this ready-to-use sauce is chemical and preservative free. Naturally.

White Wine SauceWhite Wine Sauce
This White Wine Sauce is a classic velouté that can be used to make a Tarragon Sauce or a Sauce Aurore to pour on your favorite fish, seafood, or poultry dish in 10 minutes or less... Product Details
Red Wine SauceRed Wine Sauce
This Red Wine Sauce is a classic demi-glace perfect over beef, lamb, chicken, or pork... Product Details