Our Sauce Heritage

We didn't invent classic French stocks and sauces. Their origin is in the French countryside and villages and the kitchens and cafés in French towns over a century ago. This was a time when meat was sparse and not very good, and vegetables, herbs, and wines were plentiful. Stocks and sauces were borne out of need and a desire for great tasting food. Through great trial and error cooks learned to prepare - from scratch - fine flavors through extracting, blending, and simmering pure food ingredients. What were once barely acceptable meals became more than palatable; good food became simply elegant, be it a common peasant stew or a duck confit. This great tradition that began over a century ago is still taught in the finest cooking schools in the world. Any chef worth his or her salt takes great pride in the knowledge of the French sauce tradition. Fine chefs everywhere still practice the art of sauce making, either by using our pure stock reductions or laboring hours, with great patience and at great expense, to do it entirely from scratch. Today, more fine chefs are converting from scratch preparation to our speed scratch products. Some of the finest sauce innovations for contemporary and classic cuisine have at their core the French tradition. It is the essence of all good cooking.

At More Than Gourmet, faithfully honoring the classic tradition is our mission. We seek to protect and preserve it, by keeping to its culinary principles and by providing authentic soup, stock, and sauce foundations in every product. As responsible stewards, this means that we must practice the classic techniques and culinary principles in every product we produce. It means no shortcuts and no compromises. It means that we cannot and will not succumb to the modern day practice, used by many sauce makers, of imitating authentic by concocting flavor agents in a food chemists' lab. That is something we cannot do if we are to remain as honest stewards of the authentic culinary tradition. We take our stewardship seriously. It's who we are. It is our Sauce Heritage.

Culinary Authenticity
It's a promise we make to cooks. It's a promise kept. It's what the professional cook deserves.
Pure ingredients require little explanation. They don't require a PhD in food chemistry, either. Honest ingredients. Honestly.