Why Cooks Love Us

Why Cooks love us

To be honest, it hasn’t always been love at first sight. It’s human nature to be skeptical when someone claims their products are authentic, especially in the culinary world where there are so many imposters masquerading as the real deal. We get it. We’re up to the challenge and accept the burden of proof good cooks demand. Chefs who once dismissed us are now dear friends and great customers. We view each chef we serve as someone special, not just another customer but a real member of the MTG family. Our family keeps growing each day.

It’s a privilege to serve chefs, one we have to earn. There are some challenges to overcome when we first meet: chefs wonder who and what MTG is (perception vs. reality), there's a natural fear of change. There are many questions to answer, for example: “How can you have a high quality product if it saves time and money? Seems like a contradiction in terms.” (Yes, it does; no, it isn’t.)  “How can a short cut to convenience be culinary?"   "Isn’t the industry moving away from the classic tradition?" (Yes, it has, and no, it isn’t.) The fundamentals of good cooking apply to all cuisines, classic or contemporary, Asian, French, Italian, Indian, or Mediterranean. And the need for the profound skills of a saucier aren't going away. To quote Saveur magazine, “the ancient art of the saucier is alive and well in the kitchens of Paris and beyond."  Here’s a statement we hear often: "Commercial bases have artificial ingredients, and that’s not culinary."  We agree.  When we say our products are Culinary Grade® we mean it. But don’t take our word for it, simply read the label.
Explore our site and discover for yourself why more cooks every day love us. We’ll love you back, and that’s a promise we keep. Request a sample. Or contact us.

Save Time. Save Money
Authentic foundation stocks for great cooking, at less cost and ala minute. Seriously. There is no punch line here. Save time and money but spare no quality. More.
Consistent Quality
It’s the hallmark of great cooking. We provide cooks an reliable foundation to build from. More.
More menu/less mis en p lace
Less is More. You’ll be amazed. An authentic way for cooks to have real menu diversity with ease. More.
No longer a buzz word; once a trend and now a staple in guests' diets. We can help you meet their needs. More.
Food Safety
This is serious business and pro cooks know it. MTG is a safe bet; we ensure our products meet the highest standards of food safety and help you reduce your risks. More.
If it was such a bad thing in cooking and the commercial kitchen, we’d all be pressing olives. More.