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More Menu/Less Mise En Place

A commercial kitchen poses many limitations for the cook. There may not be enough space to store all the ingredients to make a special stock for soup, or sauce for a game dish. The stove top has only so many burners; regulations don't allow an untended pot simmering over night; the raw materials needed to make a unique or special sauce or stock aren't readily available, or too costly. Perhaps the staff lacks the skill or knowledge to make a roasted chicken demi-glace, though you'd love to cook with it.

In a kitchen, everything goes back to mise en place.

Expanding our menu and adding a special is not so hard to think about but not always easy to do. One of the challenges we have is getting the ingredients we need; another is where to put them - do we have the space? What's the mise en place? It's no wonder so many kitchens have so few sauces; sometimes there's the dreaded "86" of a dish to save what stock remains or because we run out of stock. We know chefs that revert to a single sauce and seek to adapt it to a number of entrées, though it's not exactly what they'd like to do.

More Menu, Less Mise En Place simply means a chef can reiish cooking a full range of stock and sauces, without all the ingredients, time, and labor, needed to make them from scratch. Without the challenge of sourcing the ingredients, and storing them once you find them. We simply provide the chef unlimited "sauceabilities™": authentic, culinary grade stocks and sauces®, in minutes.

With MTG pure stocks and sauces, the only limitation you have is your own culinary creativity. Unleash it. Request a trial sample of all of our authentic, pure stocks. Contact us to see how we can help transform your culinary vision to reality. Or Buy some sauce.