Consumers are smarter, more discerning, and discriminating. They read labels. They subscribe to food magazines. They understand the link between diet and their personal health and well being. Food manufacturers are scrambling to catch up, by reducing sugar and salt and cleaning up their ingredient statements. It's old hat to us, we've been clean since our inception. It's another thing cooks like about us. Professional cooks rely on producers like MTG to provide them with the pure ingredients the guests they serve are asking for. 


There are more people embracing this diet and lifestyle than ever.  There are some who embrace this diet some of the time, but not all the time.  The industry calls these folks flexetarians."  You just don't know which one you'll be serving, and when, but you know they'll be your guests.  We've got terrific foundation stocks for cooks creating dishes for this growing group of consumers. Our Essence de Champignon® (mushroom stock) is a huge favorite for its earthy, wild flavor notes that appeal to meat and veggie eaters alike. In our pantry, you'll find our vegan/vegetarian products, labeled with a V.

Gluten and Lactose Free

Celiac disease is a serious challenge in the USA, with 1 in 133 people suffering from the illness. Gluten-free foods are not a want, but a need. We see it ever present on our grocery shelves, and many consumer packaged products are being reformulated to achieve gluten-free status. The same consumers who  buy these products at the grocery store you serve as your guests, too. MTG has numerous products that allow you to do so, in good taste.  Lactose intolerance is also a pressing issue for consumers. Savvy professional cooks are featuring gluten- and lactose-free items on their menu - a smart move. Visit our pantry for the gluten free (GF) and Lattose Free (LF) authentic stocks we produce for cooks. These products are free of the ingredients many our your guests must avoid, but not free of culinary possibilities for you.

Lower Sodium

Cooks love to use salt: a dash here, a sprinkle there. Often, we measure with our eyes. We're pretty good at it, too. Some chefs have gained quite a reputation featuring exotic salts in their menus. Salt won't go away in our cooking. Guests requiring or desiring lower salt options are here to stay, though, and no sense scaring them away. With a number of stocks from MTG, you can satisfy your guests' concerns about sodium by using our stocks that, based on reconstitution levels, feature less salt and great taste. Our Fond de Poulet® is naturally lower in salt but makes a terrific soup and provides an very nice background flavor note to risottos and other side dishes. Our lower sodium (LS) products are always in season. Did we mention, by the way, that salt is not a significant ingredient to begin with in any of our stocks? We prefer to let you do the seasoning. This makes more sense to us, for after all, you're the cook.  We just provide you great ingredients to cook with.