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Food Safety

A food safety incident tied to any food processing facility – industrial or a commercial – is sometimes followed by a business eulogy and funeral service for the enterprise. In the least, it's bad press that is hard to recover from.  In certain countries, notably the USA, illness attributed to food from a commercial establishment can be pursued through the courts and may result in costly settlements.

Food safety is serious business. For us, the producer. For you, where you produce finished prepared foods for on-site consumption or carry out in a kitchen with countless ingredients, people, packages, and temperature variances. No one wants a food safety issue, to be sure.  It is almost always the result of a break in a critical control point, a sanitation issue, or improper storage and handling of food products.

Consider the process of making stocks from scratch – all those steps – all the critical control points. There’s thawing, tempering, simmering, untended stock pots, changes in temperature, adding ingredients, skimming, reducing further, chilling, labeling, and storing. In even the finest kitchens with the most skilled staffs, it is an inexact process and each step, every time, is rarely done precisely.

We aren’t being alarmists, we’re just sharing what professionals know and many have told us.

Replace the stock making process and reduce your risks. MTG produces pure, authentic culinary stocks and sauces in a culinary process under controlled conditions and, unlike some of our competitors, no human hands come in contact with our product once the reduction process has begun. We have rigorous HACCP controls and sound production practices. We have earned, and we maintain, plant certifications that very few producers have earned in the USA, including what is now becoming widely considered as the global standard.

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Food Safety makes cents. You’ve got a safe bet when you invest in stocks from MTG.

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Fast Fact
In 1999, there were over 76MM food borne illnesses in the USA.