Save Time, Save Money

Time is the ultimate commodity. Everyone wants a piece of yours.  How much is your time worth?  There are only so many useful hours in your day or the day of your kitchen staff, no matter how you slice it.  What time thieves are in your operation - those old habits and practices that steal from you an hour here, an hour there?  What we've learned from cooks in our travels is that open minded willingness to new ideas is the key to discovering ways to make better use of our time and save money.  Without sacrificing quality.  Think about making stocks.  How much time does a stock pot simmer on a stove burning gas?  Burn gas, burn money.  How much time is spent washing all the pots and pans? There's a lot of water and utilities used to make stocks - a cost - and a lot of labor hours in the process, another cost.

In a commercial kitchen, time is money in obvious and subtle ways.  All good cooks know this. Many outsource important items to control costs yet maintain quality. Meat comes in portion controlled, cut to the chef’s specifications; we buy our olive oils, spices, and aromatics ready to use; produce comes in cut and bagged; many cooks buy breads from artisan bakeries or dry pasta imported from Italy. It isn’t that we don’t know how to butcher meat, bake, or churn butters. We buy these important foundation ingredients because it’s more efficient to do so. Maybe we don’t have the space or equipment, or the skilled labor. Often we simply don’t have the time.

Let MTG help give you and your kitchen staff back some time and save some money.  Gain more menu, less mise en place through reduction, our stock reductions.  We can help reduce your utilities and waste - and free up some space in your kitchen as a fringe benefit. You'll find, with MTG at your side, you'll spare much without sparing the thing that matters most: real Culinary Grade® authenticity.  

Cooking is a labor of love, but there are some things you don’t have to labor over.
Get more mileage per gallon with MTG, without losing one bit of sauce power.
David vs. Goliath. One small MTG tub battles bags, big boxes, bones, bottles, cans. And wins.
Waste reduction makes cents. We can help.
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Fast Fact
MTG stocks can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. The average time to make a stock, from scratch, ranges from 4 to 30 hours.