We'd like to share one of the "inconvenient truths" about making stock from scratch:  It's not easy. It's messy.  It's exceedingly difficult to have a predictable, consistent outcome day in and day out. 

There's also the inconvenient truth about many commercial bases that are intended to create convenience for the pro cook:  they are concoctions from a food chemistry lab.  Even if a chef has been paid to endorse or sell them.  

It's our mission to provide the professional cook authentic stocks and sauces that are irrefutabley authentic - and convenient.  A shortcut for you with no shortcuts taken by us. We call it Culinary Grade®.  Worthy of your kitchen and your cooking. Anything less would dishonor our sauce heritage, and, we think, would be too "base" for you. The ever growing number of cooks who get to know us, and use our products, know they get a consistently outstanding product that is convenient to cook with and versatile to boot. And it's not just our demi-glace they use, either - there’s a lot of culinary convenience stocked for them (and you) in our pantry.

Convenience means never having to 86 items because the kitchen ran out of stock.  Ours are ready in minutes.  Cooks like the convenience of being able to make stocks and glaces as needed, instead of guessing how many gallons to make. They like the convenience of producing only as needed - eliminating the practice of making and freezing large batches (for "efficiency") for that day when they might need more than planned. With MTG, those days of guesstimating are over.

Convenience and culinary are not mutually exclusive, as countless chefs have demonstrated to us.

The truth is that convenience has earned a bad name. But with MTG, you get it with a decidedly old fashioned twist: authentic, culinary stocks and sauces. For our competitors, this is an inconvenient truth. But very convenient for you.

Request a sample and experience the culinary convenience so many chefs enjoy.