It’s not easy cooking in a restaurant - talk about a pressure cooker.  Competition for guests is fierce and we have to work hard to earn their loyalty.  Ambiance is important; good service is vital. But at the end of the shift, we know that great food, well presented, is master of all. Every day, we seek to prepare a consistently great dining experience for every guest.  It's an endless ambition, and the more complicated the menu, the greater the struggle to achieve consistently good outcomes. 

In an earlier era, just about everything in a restaurant was prepared from scratch.  Not today.  Most kitchens don't have the brigade of a Thomas Keller.  Cost, labor, and waste management are important if we are to sustain a successful operation.  Today, we can buy some key ingredients at the highest level of quality and consistency: steaks are delivered cut to specification, baked goods or desserts are provided by artisan bakeries and patisseries, and we may use specialty pastas imported from Italy. While there’s still serious cooking going on, speed scratch, portion control, and prepared goods are all used in the name of consistency, predictably good quality, and for greater simplicity in what remains a complex endeavor.

The need for consistency, and the challenge of finding and keeping good kitchen help, has led many operations to limit their menu offerings - or their sauces -  even though the chef wished it weren’t so.  Having an extensive offering of sauces appears too complex, costly, or difficult to achieve. It doesn't have to be this way.  With MTG at your side, your sauceabilities™ are unlimited.

And here’s the real irony cooks find when they use our authentic stocks and sauces:  they gain addition through reduction. Said another way:  More menu, less mise en place

Not convinced? Request a sample. There’s nothing to lose and quite possibly some big things to gain. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.