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Hotel and Event Catering

You have to prepare food for 100, 500, perhaps over a thousand guests - cooking that is decidedly not for the faint of heart. It’s incredibly complex and requires a large staff and tremendous coordination and timing. It’s so challenging that Escoffier devised the kitchen brigade system to streamline and simplify the work - an effort to reduce chaos, eliminate two people doing the same thing at different times, and give folks clear roles and responsibilities. While the brigade system continues to evolve, an efficient operation is of extreme importance in a hotel kitchen.

The sheer volume of food to be prepared, cooked, and served can be overwhelming. Because of this, some kitchens have defaulted to using commercial bases to prepare their soups and sauces.  An understandable concession to convenience, with some trade off in authenticity. We know this when we read the label. While the need for convenience is obvious; gaining it without sacrificing quality and purity is "more than" possible with More Than Gourmet. We call it Culinary Grade®, and it is precisely what good cooks like you can expect and certainly deserve.  

It's also what your guests expect.  Guests today have high expectations. They have more culinary knowledge and food experience than generations past. They expect great food in a table setting, and make no exceptions for a banquet. They want dishes dishes enhanced with exquisite flavor. The standard filet mignon or breast of chicken can be elevated to something special with a terrific  Bordelaise or Marsala - a real sauce, not something from a can, powder, or box.  Whether you're serving traditional fare or haute cuisine, we want to help you strut your cooking stuff.  It's so simple.  Just a bit of our pure stocks and sauces cover a lot of plates, and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes for any size seating.  

Let More Than Gourmet cater to your needs for quality, consistency, and products that can serve the masses – with panache – and also be reserved for the truly exquisite, fine dining event. You’ll be astonished. You’ll feel good. You’ll look good, too. Great taste from your culinary team at MTG is just a phone call away. Contact us.