Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs

You work on site, in someone else’s kitchen. There’s often a surprise, especially the first time. The stove isn’t exactly what you thought. There's an oven you just can’t get cozy with. You bring most of your own knives and other stuff.  Your client might be chatty and standing in the kitchen while you cook. There’s the type who sneak a peek or two when they think you aren’t looking, or the ones who simply stay away – they’ve got other things to do – that’s why they hired you. It’s a unique and challenging profession, with more cooks joining the ranks each day. We’ve hired a few ourselves, and one works for us.  She’s taught us quite a bit about this fascinating world of cooking. We tip our toques to those who do it.

Personal chefs have a real concern over waste – they need to maximize yield. There is only so much room in their freezer for the next occasion, but variety is important, too, so what’s left in the freezer may be there longer than you’d like. It’s hard to make stocks for sauces or soups for just one, or a few jobs.  You may not have the time to do the authentic sauce preparation you know how to do, sometimes feeling that you need resort to a standard, commercial base or stock to get the job done.  Especially when it's always good to have a bit of stock on hand, to fortify a sauce, pan gravy, jus, or soup. We'll share something a personal chef told us:  she always has MTG at her side, literally.  "A quart plus in a pocket."   

Our classic, authentic stock and sauce reductions have become a real favorite of personal chefs. In fact, it’s one of our fastest growing group of customers.  As more try our product, they’ve spread the word (we thank you!). Our Foundation Sauces are a natural, too.  A perfect size package, ready to heat and savor as is or enhanced with a culinary twist by you.  Chefs like the fact our products are pure, preservative and chemical free, and satisfy the needs and expectations of their clients. They are proud when a client notices the product, and the brand. It shows their client a real commitment to quality and purity.

Personal chefs love the variety and versatility our authentic stocks and sauces give them, without the waste, without the need to produce a lot, so they can serve a little and freeze the rest. They relish the fact that our products are shelf stable until opened, and that properly stored in a refrigerator will remain in good condition for months.  Preservative and chemical free, naturally.

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