Waste, Ingredients


Let's face it.  Quality ingredients are the foundation for good cooking.  It's not rocket science, and cooks know this.  Nothing suspicious about real food.  The moment we sense a PhD in food science is needed, well, that just doesn't smell right, does it?  At MTG, we produce pure stocks and sauces - real food - for real good cooks.  Anything less is an affront to the profession, and to good cooking.

Our veal bones are fresh from farms less than one hour from our production facility. Our veal supplier - a strategic partner - is Plume de Veau and they own the farm, the feedlot, the calves. They supply us daily, to our specifications.

Our premium quality duck frames are from Long Island.  They cost a bit more, but they deliver the best ingredient.  No shortcuts here.  You wouldn't expect that from MTG. 

Our seafood and fish stocks are crafted using the freshest lobster, shrimp, and crab species off the coasts of North America.

Our wines are custom aged to our specifications. Sulfite free, naturally.

Our chicken frames are sourced from the heartland and carefully roasted or cooked to our exacting specifications for the finest, purest foundation stocks and sauces.  They deliver terrifically balanced flavor notes - hard to achieve consistently when done "from scratch" in a commercial kitchen. 

Our mushrooms are sourced from the plush farmlands of France, to our specifications. Fresh porcini, button, crimini and portabellas are then reduced in our kettles and carefully blended with wine and other pure ingredients into a highly concentrated, versatile concentrated stock reduction that is also vegan.

At MTG, if it's not real food it's not used. There are other ingredients common to many commercial stocks and bases, but you won't find them in our products: artificial colors, yeast extracts, MSG, excess salt, chemicals and preservatives. In fact, you won't find them in our facility. We don't believe they pass the Culinary Grade® test; we don't believe they deliver Culinary Authenticity. To include these ingredients is too "base" for us, and, we think, for you.