Culinary Authenticity

Shakespeare once wrote: "What a goodly outside falsehood hath." We've found this to be true of many commercial producers that slap the word "culinary" on their products. On the outside, they look good; what lies beneath is not so good and often anything but authentic.

At MTG, our culinary authenticity is real. We cook in small batches in kettles, where we blend, simmer, and reduce natural ingredients into concentrated stocks designed for kitchens. Our core recipes are built on the culinary tradition and technique of Escoffier, resulting in perfect, consistent and pure products for classic and contemporary cooking. There is nothing artificial in the process we use, nor in our ingredients. Some chefs tell us what we produce is "magical." We appreciate the compliment, but there's no illusion about it.  It's all real. Take a tour of our kitchen. Read our label

At MTG, we promise you Culinary Grade® stocks and sauces. It's a promise made and a promise kept.  The importance of culinary authenticity, and the need to retain culinary tradition, is shared by most professional cooks in the USA and around the world:  

"The challenge for chefs today is to not only be aware of authentic cuisines, but to truly understand them. At the same time that we learn about new cuisines, it becomes our responsibility to protect and maintain our culinary heritage. Many traditions that have been passed from generation to generation are in danger of disappearing because of the fast-paced world in which we now live. Therefore, our approach to ingredients, cuisines and fundamental cooking techniques continues to be key to all culinary professionals -- no matter how innovative and experienced we may be.

We would not be where we are today if it weren't for the work of those who came before us, and one can say that the past and the future are equally important to the culinary arts. That's why our chefs and instructors are exploring both, through diverse, innovative research initiatives. They're seeking to shed new light on the underlying science of our craft, preserve the art of time-honored culinary traditions, and share those results with the industry".

Mark Erickson, '77, C.M.C.
Vice President-Dean of Culinary Education
The Culinary Institute of America

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