How To Use

It's astonishingly easy. You'll be amazed. It seems magical, but there's nothing magical about it.
We produce pure, Culinary Grade® stock reductions.  Pure stock here, real food.  Zero chemicals and preservatives. Your not paying for water, either, or a lot of salt.  

Simply take our pure stock ingredient, reconstitute to the flavor level you desire for the taste, the finish, sheen or nape you want, and bring to a simmer. Then add the aromatics or other ingredients needed for your main entrée, soup, or side dish.

If you want more strength, use more stock or less water. If you want subtle background notes, use less stock or add more water. We know many chefs who combine a bit of our stocks to to produce exquisitely nuanced flavors. They may add a bit of our Essence de Champignon to our Glace de Veau, as an example. The Sauceabilities™ are endless. We make the pure stock, you do the fine cooking. After all, you know best.

For a general guide on how to use, go to our Literature section. Or contact us. We're here to serve you.


All MTG stocks and sauces are free of preservatives, chemicals, additives, MSG, and artificial ingredients. Proof is in the writing - if you feel sometimes like you're from Missouri - the "show me state," we understand and we encourage you to read our labels.

Our stock reductions are shelf stable until opened. You'll be amazed at the space you'll save. It is amazing a preservative- and chemical-free product is shelf stable, too. Our culinary process makes this possible.

Once opened, seal and place the remaining MTG stock in proper refrigeration, covered. Keeping the contents free of moisture will keep the product in good condition for 4 months. Imagine: a pure, classic, authentic stock reduction always in the ready position. Eliminate waste - and no more 86'ing sauces off the menu.