Waste, Ingredients


A lot of kitchens have a hefty waist when it comes to waste.

Waste is a huge issue.

There are greater environmental concerns, leading to more regulation.

It’s a safe bet that won’t change and we’ll have to.
There is the issue of waste water, and wasting water. There is solid waste disposal and waste in the form of energy consumption (why simmer a pot for hours when you can achieve culinary authenticity in 10 minutes or less?).

In the business of the business of cooking, it’s smart to reduce waste. Decreased solid waste reduces collection and disposal costs. Less waste production means less wasted utilities, and fewer labor hours dedicated to in-house waste management. Waste reduction saves real time and real money.

For those who make stocks from scratch, waste is an inescapable problem if we’re honest about. There are bones to deal with and sludge from aromatics. Even with sound mise en place practices, a kitchen can’t use everything. What’s left is waste. Excess stock gets old and gets tossed out. There’s also waste when bones get burned, or the stock simmers too long, or not long enough, or at the wrong temperature. Some cooks use scraps to reduce waste and improve yields.  It's a well intentioned idea with a stock pot full of problems: what if there aren’t enough scraps? Do scraps yield a consistent and predictable outcome? The stock pot as the proverbial “kitchen sink” is not viewed with much favor anymore and is a potential food safety issue.

There is a solution, and it’s based on a reduction and expansion at the same time. Reduce your waste, labor, utilities, and the water you use to cook and clean with - with no reduction in quality.

It’s really simple. Use MTG classic, pure, stocks and sauces. We're just a phone call away. Contact us. Better yet, try us. Buy some sauce.

Fast Fact
  • A 10-pound tub of any MTG demi-glace contains 10 pounds of usable product and 10.5 ounces of packaging, yielding about 6 gallons of demi-glace. The average waste for all the ingredients used to produce 6 gallons of demi-glace from scratch is at least 15 pounds of packaging and discarded materials.
  • OR the usable stock, from any MTG foundation stock ingredients, is 100%. The usable stock, from scratch preparation, is often less than 50%.
  • The National Restaurant Association estimates that 20% of all food prepared commercially goes to waste.
  • Restaurants from 85 seats to 1500 seats use from 1MM to 13MM gallons of water per year.