Why Cooks Love Us


We've all tried to jam 10 pounds of stuff into an 8- pound bag, especially in a kitchen.
For those who make stocks from scratch, there's often a lot of jamming going on. Bones usually come in big boxes. Veggies are in big bags. Freezers and coolers are jammed. Space is at a premium in many kitchens. We've even seen cooks fight over cooler space at a hotel kitchen in NYC.  It's not uncommon to lack space on a stove top, too. We've all moved a pot or two to make room - even for a minute - for another.

For some, space may not be an issue, but then there are those times that a banquet or special event is scheduled and space is at a premium. For personal chefs, space is always an issue.

For those who make stocks from scratch, the mise en place alone hoards space. How about some real space expansion via a reduction – the MTG way? Our stocks are space friendly. Good, and big things, come in our small packages. Free up space, spare some labor, cut your utilities, save time, save money. Our culinary power-packed packages are shelf stable (without the preservatives, chemicals, and other stuff so common in commercial bases).

Save space, but give no ground to quality. More cooking, fewer ingredients: request a sample and see for yourself.

Fast Fact
A 10-pound tub of MTG Demi-Glace is equal to:
  • 116 pounds of veal bones
  • 11.6 pounds of tomato paste
  • 27.6 pounds of onion, celery, and carrot
  • 5.8 pounds of roux
  • 7 bottles (375 ml each) of wine