Save on Labor


Cooking is a labor of love.

It’s also a lot of labor. Chefs face many challenges, and finding skilled labor is at or near the top of the list.

So is retention – turnover is a chronic problem.

Labor is also a significant cost factor.

It’s a fact that the degree of skill, or reliability, of a kitchen staff often dictates what is put on, or excluded from, a menu. Specials get 86’d due to labor snafu’s or lack of skill required to prepare the dish. Challenging, innovative dishes are sometimes forsaken for simpler entrées that are easier to do. Many kitchens offer very few sauces, even though the chef knows that fine sauces can transform a good dish into something truly remarkable. Producing sauces requires time and skilled labor. The chef knows how, but doesn’t have the time. Chef can’t do it all, all the time.

The lack of skilled labor (and the cost of time) is the single biggest reason why commercial kitchens have reduced or eliminated sauces. It takes too much time; it’s difficult to do, and do with consistency. It takes hours to cook, simmer, reduce, chill, and store an item used as an ingredient - the foundation – of a fine sauce, soup stock, or pan gravy. Some chefs, in understandable frustration, have turned to commercial bases for their foundation ingredient – the lesser, it seemed, of two evils.

There’s a better way. A fine chef can have 19 pure, authentic Culinary Grade® stocks and sauces in the ready position. From ready-to-use to pure stock reductions, all produced in a genuine culinary process. Pure ingredients for the chef and kitchen staff to exercise their labor of love - good cooking - without all the labor.

No compromise on quality. Gain more menu, less mise en place.

Hire us, if only for a trial stint in your kitchen. We’re a pretty darn good employee:
  • We’re always on time.
  • We go about our business quietly
  • We’re on call, 24/7
  • We never talk back
  • We’ve had only one modest raise in 13 years.
  • We have no bad habits. You know what we’re saying.
  • We’re totally uninterested in what others are doing.
  • We’re never moody. What you see is what you get, always.
  • We have some very credible references, from celebrity chefs, serious food critics and authors, and exceptional cooks across the globe