We Serve Chefs®

We cook with chefs, we work with them, and we have our own cooks on staff. We've studied with them, and we visit their eateries often. Truth is, we like chefs, admire their work, and we celebrate (and supply) chefs from novices to celebrities all over the globe.

You're the heart and soul of our business, our bread and butter. It's you that keep our doors open and have contributed to our phenomenal growth. You spend your days in service to others; our mission is to be in service to you.

We do this by listening.  Many of our new products are based on your input, designed by cooks for cooks, and we have crafted them to meet your needs.   We make our order process easy for you; we track your orders, and we call you on your schedule, not ours. We serve you by providing samples, and by addressing your questions with our capable and experienced Culinary Support Team. 

We serve chefs by making honest products, always, all ways.

We serve chefs. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Not convinced? Put us to the test: Contact us. Or buy some sauce.