Certified By: USDA, FDA, BRC, EU

Our Credentials

We got our credentials the old fashioned way. We earned them.

Aususte EscoffierOur culinary credentials trace back to a most solid foundation: Auguste Escoffier.

While he is widely regarded as the father of modern day cookery, his classic techniques apply to traditional French cooking and equally to modern day, contemporary culinary fusions.

Culinary GradeThe confidence earned of chefs in all walks of culinary life - globally.

Chefs who cook, cooks who write, and cooks who are food critics, recipe developers, and cookbook authors use our products. Some we see on TV, but most work their culinary magic quietly in every type of commercial kitchen, and we know how good they are.  We study cooking, learn from cooks, and include many in reviewing our new sauce and stock recipes.  The professional cooks we serve help keep us focused on our core mssion: authentic Culinary Grade® stocks and sauces.  Without compromise.

Certified ByWe're certifiably certified.

We've earned, and we maintain, the inspection certifications of these agencies. Few domestic food producers can claim all four; your assurance you're working with a company that takes food safety and product quality seriously. The BRC is considered a global gold standard for HACCP controls and sound manufacturing practices.