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Welcome Catersource Members

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Thanks for visiting our site!  Think of More Than Gourmet as your caterer or personal chef, preparing superb ingredients for your cooking.  Long before I began working with MTG, I was a customer.  I first met MTG products when I was in cooking school.  Our chef instructor, who had studied under a chef trained by French master chef Auguste Escoffier, held up a “puck” (our 1½-ounce size package) of MTG Demi-Glace Gold in front of our class.  It was, she said, “the best demi-glace out there,” made according to Escoffier’s recipes with great care in a high-tech kitchen.  We used that demi-glace in class to make a spectrum of delicious sauces, and I’ve been an MTG customer ever since.

After cooking school, I spent many years in the catering and personal chef business.  I loved feeding people—the best part was seeing the look of delight and satisfaction on the faces of my clients and their guests as they enjoyed a meal I had prepared.  The most challenging part was hauling all the food and equipment around to various locations and making sure that quality was not compromised in the process.  (I once had a musician I hired tell me that the music was free—what I was paying him for was hauling all his equipment around.  I could relate!)

MTG’s products were a great tool for me in dealing with the logistics/quality challenge.  A small, 1½-ounce package of our roasted chicken or beef and veal glace makes a quart of stock.  A 16-ounce tub makes 10 quarts of stock.  And that demi-glace?  The 1½-ounce size makes a cup of sauce, and the 16-ounce size makes 2 quarts.  Both the stocks and the sauces can be reconstituted in minutes on location.  No heavy, sloshing containers to haul around.  Best of all, MTG’s quality is impeccable: just the right nuances of flavor with no fillers, preservatives, MSG, artificial ingredients, or sky-high sodium content.  MTG even offers a selection of AVA-certified vegan products and several gluten-free products for clients with special dietary needs.

If you’re a returning customer like me, welcome back.  If you’re a new customer, we have some real treats in store for you in our pantry: great culinary tools for your business.  Have fun exploring.