Sudden Thoughts/Second Thoughts

March 12th, 2010 by thesaucedude

In a meeting with a chef this week, in his kitchen, I had the sudden thought (actually, a sudden reminder) of how terrific our Glaces are as a foundation for a terrific sauce.  There are times when cooks just want a glace, not a roux thickened sauce, as was the case with the chef I met in Northeast Ohio.  When we worked with our veal glace, and our roasted chicken glace, he got just what he wanted (and it was so easy to prepare, too).  Gone will be his 12 hour simmering stock pot, 9 to 9  and 5 days a week.  When he needs a classic demi, he knows where to get it.  He didn’t realize we have more glaces than demi’s in our lineup.  He does now. 

Second thought – what’s going on in NYC?  The local government wants to ban salt use in restaurants?  Wow. What’s next, ground beef?  All professional cooks know that there is a real consumer concern with salt content in the foods we prepare.  We don’t know what will happen in NYC and this salt curb being bandied about; we do know that our authentic stocks and sauces aren’t loaded with salt, most are gluten free, some are vegan, and none use HVP, chemicals, or preservatives.  

Another sudden thought – off to Charleston for 4 days of golf with some buddies who love to eat.  Plan to check out the fine dining in this great city and post some news on Twitter.

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