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Dedicated to all professional cooks, always and allways

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The truth is, our old web site served cooks well but became a bit, well, stale. We needed to update the menu, add a few new ingredients, put a contemporary twist on a classic foundation. You know what that’s like. You do it every day. So we’ve cooked up a new site just for you, and thank you for visiting. Please return, we promise to keep our menus fresh, add new features, share the culinary adventures of the SauceGuys (probably mention a chef or two), serve up our thoughts on trends, even provide a sneak peek of some new sauces we’re simmering in our test kitchens. We want guest comments, too. We welcome your input – after all, we’re here to serve you.
Sincere best wishes for a prosperous 2010. Good cooking!